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Spreading my wings....here I goooooo

I'm travelling to Texas today for the International Equine Summit, an unrivaled event to reconnect with yourself, your horses and build a supportive community, hosted by Shelley Rosenberg, founder of My Horses My Healers, Inc. The magic of the internet allows me to have this posted as I'm taking off.... here I gooooo! :) 

The focus of the International Equine Summit is on horses, their well-being, and how they can be amazingly effective healers for people, far beyond what most can imagine.  I’ll be leading a creative workshop called:

"Cosmic Cowgirl Magic - Transforming Your "Stories"
 transform your negative "story", by putting a new twist on it, using Intentional Creativity® to meet the "Horse of your Heart"

In this "play-shop", you'll put on your Cosmic Cowgirl hat and meet the Horse of your Heart, your very own personal horse of transformation, who will help you put a new twist on the old "stories" about you that people project...

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