Spreading my wings

Spreading my wings....here I goooooo

I'm travelling to Texas today for the International Equine Summit, an unrivaled event to reconnect with yourself, your horses and build a supportive community, hosted by Shelley Rosenberg, founder of My Horses My Healers, Inc. The magic of the internet allows me to have this posted as I'm taking off.... here I gooooo! :) 

The focus of the International Equine Summit is on horses, their well-being, and how they can be amazingly effective healers for people, far beyond what most can imagine.  I’ll be leading a creative workshop called:

"Cosmic Cowgirl Magic - Transforming Your "Stories"
 transform your negative "story", by putting a new twist on it, using Intentional Creativity® to meet the "Horse of your Heart"

In this "play-shop", you'll put on your Cosmic Cowgirl hat and meet the Horse of your Heart, your very own personal horse of transformation, who will help you put a new twist on the old "stories" about you that people project onto you, often from a very young age. Participants will discover the magic of Intentional Creativity® - a powerful creative process that can transform lives. I'll guide you step by step. You can benefit from Intentional Creativity® even if you think that you don't have any artistic ability....as children, we all made drawings before we could write, and none of us have lost that ability - it is still there, deep inside our creative soul. 

 It's a typical human trait to name people & things - it helps organize our world. The way we are "named" can become a "story" about us that provides a skewed view of who we really are, a label that gets "stuck" to us, like those sticky labels that are hard to peel off... 

I have so many "life stories" to transform - so many valuable learnings to extract from them. All the events of my life have brought me to where I am today, and I'm VERY grateful for all that I've learned through them. They were not always pleasant experiences - indeed, some were absolutely horrible! but I am who I am today because of the stories that shaped my experience. And I'm still learning, still distilling those stories down, to extract the essence of the learning they have to offer, so that i can share those valuable learnings with you.  

Drawing & coloring from the Color of Woman Coloring Book and Journal by Shiloh Sophia