""Curiosity got the better of me...why not go see, go listen...after all...I'm very "cartesian", very rational, too much so...filled with assumptions: what am I going to discover during these 2 days? at any rate it will be nice to spend time with horses, I'm sure of that. And then, surprise surprise, the horses always find a way to show how we lie to ourselves, to make use think, to make us doubt our assumptions. Two incredible days that raise questions, that deconstruct beliefs and assumptions. Two days that are disturbing yet transforming, bringing a lot of food for thought. Two days that lead to the realisation of what is possible! is it supernatural? is it magic? or is it just communication, real communication, that can take place with animals too... at any rate, it was two days of a great experience with wonderful people. Thank you Lorraine Tilbury and Christophe, thank you Anne Moineau and Elysabeth Couval, and thank you horses! (Thank you also to those who insisted that I attend the workshop, and thank you also to the Haras des Brumes location). Here I was thinking that maybe others were able to do that kind of thing, that maybe others would succeed, maybe others are able to hear and to understand...but me? and yet...the horse named Source was able to show me that I am also able to do it! One thing is absolutely certain: it can't be explained, it has to be experienced! and I'm really disappointed to not be available next weekend to renew the sensations experienced in the moment!" Chloé Chapon*, "Horse Danse" client at Maisons-Laffitte in May 2014 *Translated from French by Lorraine Tilbury"

Chloé Chapon

""I participated in a workshop in May in order to better communicate with my horse...a great weekend during which I learned a lot, and not only about horse behavior...Lorraine and Christophe, I can tell you that our excercise about qualities/faults accompanies me in my daily life every day since I attended the workshop." Anne Moineau*, "Horse Danse" client at Maisons-Laffitte in May 2014 *Translated from French by Lorraine Tilbury"

Anne Moineau

""How to describe in a few lines the richness and intensity of such a workshop? I'd already attended a Discovery Day organised by some other Epona instructors, and in addition, as a shiatsu practitioner, I knew that horses can be surprisingly clear and precise with the messages they communicate to us. Consequently, I arrived with no expectations in particular, with the awareness that, if I was to receive a message, it would be given to me. And indeed, thanks to the quality of the instructors, Christophe Dreyer and Lorraine Tilbury, I found the courage to face the "unpleasant" physical sensations and emotions that have shackled my life for years (and that I've tried for years to alleviate by many other means!) I was able to receive this information thanks to the body scan; once I entered the round pen, it was if time had come to a standstill. The 2 days that followed the workshop were also surprising, and since then, I see myself changing, adopting different behaviors. I feel more serene, more at ease with others, and things have started to progress again. During the workshop, I felt safe and supported by all who were present, and by the overall atmosphere of the venue, because there was no judgement; both the best and the worst of me I was welcomed - a priceless element as this is what allows space for healing. Thank you, therefore, to the instructors, to the participants Chloé Chapon, Anne Moineau, to the Haras des Brumes, to Mélissa and her daughter, and of course to all the animal guides (and there were many of them during that weekend!). I think that I will not stop here in my progress with you all. I can't write about all that has happened since then, but frankly, I'm still amazed. Elysabeth Couval*, "Horse Danse" workshop client, at Maisons-Laffitte in May 2014 *Translated from French by Lorraine Tilbury"

Elysabeth Couval