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International Equine Summit soon!


I'm about to head out to Jim-A-Dee Ranch for the start of the first day of the Equine International Summit where I'll be leading a creative workshop on Sunday. Super excited! made a quick video for you - it illustrates perfectly just how much of a beginner "vlogger" I am - forgot to put the phone camera in landscape and also didn't notice the buzz of the house air conditioner in the background!! oh well - I just wanted to share with you what a lovely day it is out here and how upbeat I am about discovering a new venue, seeing some old friends and discovering new people who are all passionate about horses and healing! :) 

The photo is my cousin Christine Terry, the amazing, talented and VERY hard-working Volunteer Director of the Victory Therapy Center, greeting one of their oldest therapy horses who going to retire from the center this week, to head out to his homeland pastures of Oregon.

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