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Dr. Lorraine Tilbury has already fulfilled many of her childhood dreams: she is a multilingual veterinarian, living in a 16th-century renovated priory in the beautiful Loire Valley region, surrounded by her family and her animal companions.
Lorraine supports her herd of 5 horses so that THEY can be the guides and coaches of her workshops and seminars. They are the real "coaches" and guides of the participants of the Eponaquest © workshops that she organizes.
Lorraine has contributed to BBC Capital's online magazine, and has lectured on 3 continents, from India to Arizona, via Paris. She is creating a collection of works of art by applying the "Intentional Creativity ©" method ("creation with an intention"). It is a powerful method of creative expression that helps to clarify life plans. Lorraine uses techniques of collage and "scrapbooking" associated with drawing and painting to guide you towards your personal and professional fulfillment, supported by her horses who will "whisper" to you their advice also ... if you know how to listen to them!
Lorraine's creations are inspired and humorous - they reflect her way of life. Lorraine finds her inner Being through her creations, where she shapes the wisdom of her soul in a way that highlights the richness of her imagination. Lorraine spent 45 years understanding that she could live her dreams - now she would like to help others do the same.

A Message from Lorraine:

The Eponaquest(TM) Approach , developed by Linda Kohanov, allows you to experience what it means to truly thrive in life, offering you tools that open other worlds of creativity, insight, and empowerment, expanding your vision, helping you reconnect to nature, to the herd and to the community.

Proud to be a recognized member of the Intentional Creativity Foundation www.intentionalcreativityfoundation.org



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